Season Vining is not a #1 New York Times Bestselling author—yet. She has written poetry since the age of 10. There are hand-written odes to flowers, mermaids and New Kids on the Block tucked away somewhere in her mother’s house. Later, things grew darker. Lines of teenage angst, the cruelties of high school and woes of unrequited love filled random pages of school notebooks. With maturity came a longer attention span and a desire to pen short stories. Eventually, Season was inspired to write her first manuscript. She found herself wishing for this storyline or that kind of character and one day asked herself, “Why don’t you write it?”

She loves a bit of adventure and danger mixed in with her romance and you’ll find that in every story she tells—along with some humor and plenty of pop culture hidden references. Season loves to hear from fans, so feel free to reach out on social media or right here.

“I fell in love with books, and then wrote books to fall in love with.”